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Mundo Systems developed a containerized solution powered by Netwrix Data Classification      software that automates the process for data classification and metadata generation processes, eliminates the need for manual input, reduces the chances of human error, and ensures seamless integration with modern cloud and on-premise infrastructures for better resource utilization, scalability, and overall efficiency in managing digital content within an organization. 

As a software-based system, DCAMPS-C  is lightweight, standalone, and containerized to seamlessly integrate with modern DevOps practices and cloud-native infrastructures. In this way, DCAMPS-C ensures consistency across different platforms and deployment environments while enhancing resource utilization, scalability, and efficiency in managing digital assets and content.

Mundo Systems partnered with Netwrix to offer this solution.

Here's a brief rundown on what Netwrix Data Classification does:

  • Discovery of Sensitive Data: Netwrix Data Classification scans various data repositories (like file servers, SharePoint, Exchange, AWS S3 buckets, Azure Blob Storage, and many others) to locate sensitive data. This includes personal data, financial data, intellectual property, and other types of information that might be critical to a business.

  • Automated Classification: It automatically classifies data based on its content and context. This means it can label documents containing, for example, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or proprietary business information.

  • Tagging & Metadata: Once the data is classified, Netwrix can tag it or apply metadata. This makes it easier for organizations to handle the data appropriately, be it for protection, retention, or deletion.


  • Enhanced Data Security: By identifying where sensitive data resides, organizations can implement better security controls. This could mean restricting access, implementing encryption, or setting up alerts for unusual access patterns.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Many regulations, like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), require businesses to know where certain types of data are and to protect them adequately. By classifying data, organizations can ensure they're in compliance with these regulations.


  • Reduce Data Redundancy: By identifying duplicate and obsolete data, organizations can reduce storage costs and improve data management.

  • Integration with Other Tools: Netwrix Data Classification can integrate with other security and IT tools, enhancing their capabilities. For instance, integration with a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool can help prevent classified data from leaving the organization.


  • In essence, Netwrix Data Classification provides a clearer view of an organization's data landscape, enabling them to better manage, protect, and leverage its information assets.

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