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Dive into the world of cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) with YolaGPT, the state-of-the-art the Large Language Model (LLM) tailored to revolutionize the way you interact with YOUR data. Whether you're aiming to utilize chatbot capabilities in a secure air-gapped environment, talk with your data, or unearth hidden insights from vast textual data,

YolaGPT is here to empower you. Our platform seamlessly combines robust performance with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that you, our valued customer, can harness the full potential of advanced NLP without the complexities. Let's embark on this linguistic journey together and explore the myriad possibilities YolaGPT has in store for you!

We have integrated our YolaGPT large language model (LLM) into the Netwrix Data Classification product and it offers several compelling advantages:


  • Improved Classification Accuracy: YolaGPT is capable of understanding context and nuances in language. Integrating YoaGPT can enhance the classification process by better understanding the content, leading to fewer false positives and false negatives.

  • Adaptive Learning: As new types of sensitive information emerge or as business contexts change, YolaGPT can adapt and learn from these changes, ensuring that the classification system remains current and relevant.

  • Multilingual Support: Large language models are trained on data from various languages. This can be particularly beneficial for global organizations dealing with data in multiple languages, ensuring consistent classification regardless of language.

  • Deeper Content Analysis: Beyond simple keyword matching, YolaGPT can analyze the sentiment, intent, and abstract concepts within documents. This can be beneficial for identifying sensitive data that doesn't fit traditional patterns.

  • User Queries and Support: Integrated with a user interface, YolaGPT can assist users in querying the classification system, explaining classification decisions, or offering guidance on data handling based on its classification.

  • Automated Metadata Generation: Beyond just classification labels, YolaGPT can generate descriptive metadata for documents, aiding in data management and discoverability.

  • Enhanced Data Redaction: When sensitive data needs to be shared without revealing specific details, YolaGPT can assist in the intelligent redaction of documents, ensuring that the main content's context remains while sensitive details are removed.

  • Contextual Alerts: Rather than just flagging sensitive data, YolaGPT can provide contextual alerts explaining why certain data is deemed sensitive or risky, helping users and administrators make informed decisions.

  • Flexible Policy Implementation: Businesses can define and refine their classification policies using natural language, making it easier to adapt the system to specific organizational needs.

  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Users can provide feedback in natural language on classification decisions. YolaGPT can then process this feedback to continuously improve the classification process.


Integrating a large language model such as YolaGPT with Netwrix Data Classification can elevate the system's capabilities, making it more adaptive, accurate, and user-friendly. It can transform a traditional classification system into a dynamic tool that understands and adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of business data.

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